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Innovative Initiatives Fund

Durham College (DC) and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) are pleased to announce the six projects selected for funding through the Innovative Initiatives Fund (IIF).

View the list of selected projects, including the members of each project team.

The IIF committee would like to extend its sincere thanks to all of the staff and faculty members who came together to develop and share their ideas for how to further advance DC and UOIT, and our students’ experiences in particular.

About IIF

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and Durham College have partnered to initiate the Innovative Initiatives Fund (IIF), which will support collaborative projects proposed by faculty and staff at both institutions.

The fund has a project budget of $300,000 ($150,000 from each institution) to be used in a pilot year (2016-2017), after which funding will be considered on a more permanent basis.

Potential project areas:

  • academic and student services initiatives
  • joint partnerships involving the community
  • research and innovation
  • support for entrepreneurship
  • joint administrative innovations

The funds will be available as soon as the successful projects are selected. Funds are to be spent within one year of the award.

An IIF Committee has been established; it includes representatives from both institutions. The committee will request periodic updates on successful projects. The updates will be used in various print and online communications materials. Project teams may be asked to provide a brief presentation at the annual spring kickoff event for the next cycle of proposal calls.

Timeframe and application

The committee will select successful projects using the following criteria: 

CriteriaPoints availableEvaluation criteria details
Impact of the project on current and future collaboration between the two institutions 30 The project will have very significant impact on both institutions.
The project will impact multiple areas of both institutions with the potential for continued impact/improvement.
The project will allow for opportunities for future collaboration within the institutions and potentially with the broader community.
Innovativeness of the project and potential impact 30 The project is transformative to both institutions.
The project seeks to address a need or solve a problem in a new way The project has the potential to inspire further innovation at the institutions and within the broader community.
Alignment of the project with the mission of each institution 20 The project aligns with the various aspects of the missions of both institution.
Likelihood of success in the proposed timelines 10 A project plan with milestones, dates, responsibilities and project oversight is provided and considered to be achievable and realistic.
The experience of the resources involved in the project is considered to be of appropriate capacity, depth, and range of experience.
Appropriateness of the budget and use of resources 10 The budget estimate provided is comprehensive and background information (quotes, recent pricing information, etc) provided as appropriate.
The required resources are available and include commitment of the resources as appropriate.
The budget and use of resources is deemed to be realistic and consider all aspects of the project.

The selected projects will be announced in early December.

The IIF Committee looks forward to the exciting, innovative, collaborative ideas that will come out of this initiative.

IIF Committee Members

  • Scott Blakey, Chief Administrative Officer, DC
  • Brad Easton, Associate Dean, Office of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Science, UOIT
  • Olivia Petrie, Assistant Vice-President, Student Life, UOIT
  • Elaine Popp, Vice-President, Academic, DC
  • Karen Young, Manager Campus Planning, Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability, UOIT
  • Marianne Marando, Executive Dean, School of Business, IT & Management, DC