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Selected Projects

The following six projects have been selected to receive funding through the IIF in the fund’s pilot year (2016-2017):

  • ACE Centre for Firefighting - $109,051

    • This project will focus on building a world-leading centre for firefighter training and research.  A cross-disciplinary team of faculty and students from UOIT, DC and UOIT’s Automotive Centre for Excellence ( ACE), will work together to develop a facility that supports interdisciplinary research and provides experiential learning for both students and external agencies.

      Project participants:
      • Don Toporowski, general manager, ACE, UOIT
      • John Komar, director, Engineering and  Operations, ACE, UOIT
      • Dr. Michael Williams-Bell, professor, School of Health & Community Services, DC
      • Dr. Bernadette Murphy, professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, UOIT
      • Dr. Michael Holmes, assistant professor, Brock University
      • Dr. Stephen Cheung, professor, Brock University
      • Justin Gammage, industry liaison, UOIT
      • Colin Howard, marketing specialist and account manager, ACE, UOIT
      • Rick Bowler, professor, School of Justice & Emergency Services, DC
      • Don Fishley, professor and program co-ordinator, School of Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship &Renewable Technology, DC
      • Derrick Clark, deputy fire chief, City of Oshawa
      • Gord Weir, fire chief, Municipality of Clarington
      • Scott Siersma, deputy fire chief, Town of Whitby
      • Dave Lang, fire chief, Town of Ajax
      • Jim Sales, fire chief, City of Toronto
      • Jean-Francois Roy, chief technology officer, Hexoskin Wearable Body Metrics
      • Peter King, director, Public Safety Solutions, Aeryon Labs Inc.
      • Anand Vasudev, vice-president, Strategy and Operations, The Americas, Equivital
  • Canada-Ireland Centre for Higher Education - $79,919

    • This project will lay the foundation for a Canada-Ireland Centre for Higher Education Research, Policy and Practice, involving DC, UOIT, the Dublin Institute of Technology, the Institute of Technology Tallaght and the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown. The centre will facilitate a range of activities including inter-institutional research collaborations, joint publications, joint conferences, faculty collaboration and student mobility opportunities.

      Project participants:
      • Brian Campbell, professor, Faculty of Education, UOIT
      • Bill Hunter, professor, Faculty of Education, UOIT
      • Jaymie Koroluk, manager, Educational Media/faculty development officer, Teaching and Learning Centre, UOIT
      • Kevin Dougherty, associate dean, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, DC
      • Jordanne Christie, educational developer/sessional instructor, Centre for Academic and Faculty Enrichment, DC
  • Community Gaming - $20,000

    • This project will support local non-profit organizations and provide a learning opportunity for students. A cross-disciplinary team of faculty and students from DC and UOIT will collaborate to develop games and apps that support local non-profit organizations and/or educate the public about important social issues.

      Project participants:
      • Tyler Frederick, assistant professor, Criminology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSH), UOIT
      • Pejman Mirza-Babaei, assistant professor, Game Development, Faculty of Business and Information Technology, UOIT
      • Scott Aquanno, professor, Political Science, FSSH, UOIT
      • Greg Murphy, dean, School of Media, Art & Design, DC
      • Clarence Keesman, executive director, The Refuge
      • Phyllis Novack, executive director, SKETCH
  • Education: Poverty, Access Resistance and Resilience in Latin America - $44,912

    • This project will see the development and execution of a 10-day field course that will be offered jointly as an elective through the DC School of Interdisciplinary Studies and UOIT Faculty of Education.

      Project participants:
      • Dr. Allyson Eamer, assistant professor, UOIT
      • Anna Augusto Rodrigues, professor, School of Media, Art & Design, DC

    Collaborating Agencies: UOIT International office; DC International office; UOIT English Language Centre

  • Research capacity - $34,000

    • This project aims to increase research capacity at DC and UOIT by increasing the success rate of joint proposals, increasing the dollar value of jointly funded awards and increasing the number of jointly submitted grant applications.

      Project participants:
      • Jennifer Freeman, director, Office of Research Services, Office of the VP Research, Innovation and International Research Services, UOIT
      • Debbie McKee Demczyk, dean, Office of Research Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, DC
      • Dr. Darren Levine, manager, Innovation and Research Unit, Durham Region Social Services Department
      • Dr. David Phipps, executive director, Research and Innovation Services, York University

    Michael Johnny, manager, Knowledge Mobilization, York University

  • Simulated Experiential Learning Health Care - $10,932

    • This project will involve the development, implementation and evaluation of simulated experiential learning with a focus on inter-professional health-care practice. Students from a range of health and health-related programs at DC and UOIT will be brought together in the context of virtual and face-to-face simulations to develop essential skills related to communication, collaboration, conflict management, problem-solving and prioritization.

      Project participants:
      • Hilde Zitzelsberger, professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, UOIT
      • Leslie Graham, professor, Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) program, School of Health & Community Service (HCS), DC
      • Sue Coffey, director, Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, UOIT
      • Ellen Vogel, dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, UOIT
      • Bill Muirhead, associate professor, Faculty of Education, UOIT
      • Patricia Munro-Gilbert, professor, Practical Nursing program, HCS, DC
      • Dana Chorney, faculty, Collaborative BScN program, HCS, DC
      • Efrosini Papaconstantinou, assistant professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, UOIT
      • Arlene de la Rocha, professor, Collaborative BScN program, HCS, DC
      • Debra Morrison, professor, Practical Nursing program, and chair, Nursing programs, HCS, DC
      • Michelle Aebersold, professor, School of Nursing, University of Michigan
      • Charles Anyinam, professor, Sally Horsfall Eaton School of Nursing, George Brown College
      • Rick Vanderlee, professor and dean, Faculty of Applied & Professional Studies, Nipissing University